Morrison, CO – Storage Complex

Morrison, CO – Storage Complex

Morrison, CO – Storage Complex

Regency Storage Systems provided the building materials for a Mini Storage Facility in Morrison, CO. The storage complex consists of four mini storage buildings and an office building. We designed the layouts and floor plans for the four storage buildings and provided the erection drawings. The office building was supplied by a third party, in order to match the color scheme of the facility we provided (10) ten metal panels that were the same color as the storage buildings.

The 1st building is a 15’x95’x8.5’/10.5’ climate controlled building with a single slope roof. The mini storage building houses (14) fourteen rentable storage units of various sizes including, (6) six 5’x5’ units and (8) eight 10’x15’ units. Insulation as added to the building during construction. The 2nd building is 30’x125’x8.5’ in size and has a gable roof. It houses (29) twenty nine rentable storage units of various sizes including (4) four 7.5’x5’ units, (22) twenty two 10’x15’ units and (3) three 10’x10’ units. The 3rd building is 30’x160’x8.5’/12’ in size and has a gable roof. It houses (34) thirty four rentable storage units including (6) six 10’x10’ units and (28) 10’x15’ units. The 4th building is 40’x190’x8.5’/12’ in size and houses (42) rentable storage units including (8) eight 5’x10’ units, (22) twenty two 10’x20’ units, (6) six 10’x10’ units, (2) two 10’x30’ units and (4) four 10’x40’ units.

All of the buildings have a wind rating of 105 mph and a ground snow load of 55.5lbs. The buildings feature Janus roll up doors and are light stone color with a hunter green roof. Gutters and downspouts were also included. The mini storage buildings were built on a hill, therefore, step downs or floor steps are included on each of the buildings. Special customizations were added to the design of the buildings to adjust for the mountainous land plot.

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