Lusk, WY – RV & Mini Storage Building

Lusk, WY – RV & Mini Storage Building

Lusk, WY – RV & Mini Storage Building

Regency Storage Systems provided this mini storage building to a Self-storage business in Lusk, Wyoming.

The large, 35’x200’x9.5’ mini storage building is desert sand in color with brown trim. The building has a Galvalume roof w/ a 0.5:12 roof pitch. Additional features include glossy painted white doors, gutters and downspouts and a 2 5/8” roof vapor barrier to prevent condensation.

The mini storage building houses (38) thirty eight units of various sizes. These include (7) seven 5’x10’ units w/ 4’x7’ framed openings, (5) five 10’x15’ units w/ 9’x8’ framed openings, (5) five 10’x20’ units w/ 9’x8’ framed openings, (8) eight 10’x10’ units w/ 9’x8’ framed openings, (8) eight 10’x25’ units w/ 9’x8’ openings, and an additional (5) five 12’x40’ units with 10’x14’ framed openings. All of the units also have top and side draft stops. Janus Model 650 mini storage doors were included on all of the units.

The mini storage building was constructed with a wind speed of 115 mph and a ground snow load of 43 lbs. Additional customizations to be considered during the design of this building included modifying the eave height to 16’ and the width to 40’ on a 60’ portion of the building.

The city of Lusk, Wyoming is located 104 miles outside Casper and 76 miles from Wheatland.

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