Bloomington, NY – Mini Storage

Bloomington, NY – Mini Storage

Bloomington, NY – Mini Storage

Regency Storage Systems provided this mini storage building in Bloomington, New York.

This storage building is now used in conjunction with other existing storage buildings, which operate as a mini storage complex. The pre-engineered mini storage building is 30’x120’x9.5’ in size. It is topped with a Galvalume roof with a 0.5:12 roof pitch. The building houses total of (31) thirty one rentable storage units. There are (6) six 5’×10’ units, (5) five 6’x10’ units, (8) eight 10’×20’, (4) two 10’×15’ units and (8) eight 10’×10’ units.

All of the buildings are equipped with Janus Model 650 rollup doors. The building also boasts gutters and downspouts to keep rainwater from overflowing. The mini storage building was designed with a wind speed of 90 mph and a roof snow load of 85 lbs.

Bloomington is located in southeast New York. It is located about 60 miles south of Albany and 20 miles from Poughkeepsie.

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