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Mini storage units use roll up doors to maximize the rentable storage space within the self storage unit.  Roll up doors do not have overhead tracks, which allow for more usable space when stacking items in the unit.

Roll up doors are attached to a barrel and coil around it when raised. Roll up doors typically come in wider sizes than swing doors. Swing doors and roll up doors can be interspersed, depending on the size of your units. It is quite common to use swing doors on 5’-0” wide units or smaller and roll up doors on units larger than 5’-0” wide. Renters tend to like having the maximum size doors on units to make it easier to get in and out of their unit.

Components of A Roll Up Door

Roll up doors consist of a few key components which make them easy to install and even easier to maintain.

The door curtain is constructed of 26 gauge, grade 80 full hard steel. This offers you the greatest strength, which minimizes door damage. Our door curtains come in over 20color choices or a galvanized metal finish.

The barrel Is a circular component located at the top of the door and provides for an even method for the door curtain to coil. A well-constructed barrel will totally enclose the drums, springs and axle to keep them protected.

The ratchet tensioner is a mechanism to adjust the tension on a spring. If your door has two springs, our tensioner will adjust the tension on both springs equally and simultaneously.

The axle is the rod that extends through the barrel and inserts into the bracket. Doors are built today with either a live axle or dead axle design. A live axle design rotates as the door is moved up or down, while a dead axle remains static. A dead axle is supplied, which eliminates pushing or shifting and allows for a straighter travel path of the door curtain in the guides. It also better supports the equal simultaneous spring adjustment.

The bracket is a  the mechanism that snaps into the door guides and attaches to the drum on the barrel.

Janus DoorsDepending on your door width, doors will come with one or two springs. Springs are pre-lubricated, a highly desirable feature. The grease will penetrate the pores of the spring with additives, displacing moisture and preventing the formation of rust or corrosion. This process also relieves the friction created between spring coils, thereby providing a smoother door operation.

Guides are roll-formed 18 gauge steel structures that run the length of the door and house the door curtain in its up and down motions. Guides attach directly to the doorjambs.

*Door brand may vary and will be determined by the location of the job site*

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